My feet HURT! How many times have you heard or said it… dancing, standing in line at the movies, in crowded shopping malls, on vacation, or just standing during a routine business day – all this wearing high heels. While four out of five adults eventually suffer from this problem, far too many folks ignore this pain. They “fake it till they make it…” and then take it until they can’t make it any more.

When it comes to shoes, comfort is of utmost importance. Many women walk bare foot back home and some women usually carry an extra pair of shoes with them to avoid any discomfort but the problem is that these shoes/pumps take a lot of space in their handbags and sometimes they need to carry an extra carry bag for the same. A lot of encounters with these shoeless, barefooted socialites led Nitin Nagpal, designer and Owner Nalsons India, to innovate a miraculous, fabulous, incredible shoe – the Rollonpumps. With footwear in the casual, business and outdoor categories these Compact, foldable, rollable flat pumps for tired hurting feet. One day walking out of the meeting in a high rise office tower in New Delhi, Nitin saw a woman walking in her stilettos up to the parking lot & as soon as she reached the car she took out her replaceable flat shoes to change. Rollonpumps, a synonym for rollable shoe/compact ballet flat.

These rollable shoes can be carried in the smallest of bags, allowing high heel sufferers to change into at anytime without taking up much space in their purses. The shoes are the brainchild of Nitin Nagpal who has seen women suffering “barefoot in the street syndrome”.

Nalsons (India) is the parent company of Rollonpumps. Nitin Nagpal, Director Nalsons and creator of the wonder shoe wanted to make it stylish, comfortable, rollable as well as useful. The combination of these features makes Rollonpumps indispensable for every woman who wears heels. The flats can be ordered online here & also will be soon available in stores across the country. Rollonpumps is the first in the compact shoe accessory market and is making a splash into the accessories scene. The company continues to design new and innovative products that will meet the ever changing needs of women all over the world. The company has its headquarters in Noida, UP.

Rollonpumps are made with a durable, skid resistant, waterproof underside surface and they come in a variety of fashionable colors. Rollonpumps are surely a great bargain and come not only with a shoe bag to put the heels that a woman has just taken off, but the box also contains a tiny protective pouch for the rollable flats.

As Nitin was already into selling of traditional Indian footwear, he thought of coming up with a shoe that can be a remedy to the sore feet for women and here began the magic process for the shoe that works wonder as after heels. The shoes was not just developed keeping the comfort in mind, but our genius also worked on these looking into various angles . After a lot of research & development before reaching a solution with man made shoes, he also took care of the material used which is totally Eco Friendly.

Nitin Nagpal, a commerce graduate having started exports of Rollonpumps with different brand names in UK, USA initially. Being very successful in the International markets, Nitin, the master builder of the Rollonpumps is also thinking of FORMALLY launching these in India coming 2011. He has been selling these in international market to other brands & also is partner with the company’s abroad.


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